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Do you want to feel 30 years younger than your age?

Don't worry, though, I'm not going to tell you to eat seaweed or even put tea bags on your eyelids. Nor will I suggest cosmetic surgery.

But in Staying Young, I have given lots of advice on how to lose weight and suggest easy-to-do exercise regimes that will keep you in great shape, no matter what your age. Plus there are tips on dressing to flatter your shape; facial exercises to help counter the effects of ageing, and advice on hair, make-up and how to take care of your skin.

This book is all about embracing our advancing years and maximizing our opportunities to present ourselves as the attractive and confident women we are.

Aging isn't a decline in our systems. It's very purposeful. The very systems and biological processes that age us are designed to help us when we're a little bit younger. So, what's our role as part of the aging population?

To learn how those systems work we can reprogram them to work the way they did when we were younger.

Your goal should be die young at any age.

That means you live a high quality of life (with everything from working joints to working genitals) until the day you die.

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