Pharmacy Perks

Phillips Pharmacy Perks  

At Phillips Pharmacy, looking after your family’s health and well-being is our priority. And you can also trust us to care for you with healthy rewards, offers and advice. Phillips Pharmacy Perks is our way to thank you for your loyalty and to give you something extra.

Free membership

Phillips Pharmacy Perks has no membership fees.Everyone, 18 years or older can join using our easy online signup form. Just Click any (JOIN NOW) button on this page.

Benefits wherever you go

Whether you're shopping online or in store.
Use your Membership to get perks, redeem perks and save instantly on items.
Plus, unlock additional savings with:
  • Paperless coupons
  • Special promotions
  • Members only offers.

How to use your Membership

  • In store  
  • Online - Make sure you're signed in to your account when ordering.

Earn Perks

  • Redeem for Cash Discounts 
  • Use to pay for Orders

    Ways to Earn

    • Sign up for Rewards, Today = 200 Perks
    • Place an Order = 5 perks for every $1.00 spent
    • Like Phillips Pharmacy on Facebook = 50 perks
    • Share Phillips Pharmacy on Facebook = 50 perks
    • Share Phillips Pharmacy on Twitter = 50 perks
    • Follow Phillips Pharmacy on Twitter = 50 perks

      Ways to Redeem

      • Order Discount. 100 perks = $1.00
      • 10% Off Order = 1000 perks


      Redeem perks to save today!
      $1 = 100 perks
      $2 = 200 perks
      $3 = 300 perks
      $4 = 400 perks
      $5 = 500 perks
      $10 = 1,000 perks
      $20 = 2,000 perks
      $50 = 5,000 perks

      Pharmacy Perks Terms & Conditions

      1. Redemption limit of 5,000 perks per transaction, with an overall limit of 10,000 perks per membership per day. 
      2. Perks cannot be redeemed for cash or store credit. 
      3. Perks good on next purchase. 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q. What is Phillips Pharmacy Perks?

      A. Phillips Pharmacy Rewards is a loyalty program - it's free to join and rewards you every time you shop at Phillips Pharmacies, online or at our Crystal Heights, St. James location.

      Q. How does Pharmacy Perks work?

      A. Once you join our program you receive 200 perks. Every time you make a purchase at Phillips Pharmacy, every $1 you spend you will earn 5 perks.

      Q. What does it cost and how do I join?

      A. Phillips Pharmacy Perks is free! You can join online. Just click the green Rewards button to sign up or CLICK HERE

      Q. What type of rewards can I get with Pharmacy Perks?

      A. Sign up for Rewards, today = 200 Perks. Place an Order = 5 perks for every $1.00 spent, Like Phillips Pharmacy on Facebook = 50 perks, Share Phillips Pharmacy on Facebook = 50 Perks, Share Phillips Pharmacy on Twitter = 50 perks and Follow Phillips Pharmacy on Twitter = 50 perks

      Q. Can I spend my perks immediately?

      A. YES! When you signup you receive 200 perks worth $2.00. For every $1 you spend you will earn 5 perks and with regular Bonus offers your perks balance will add up fast. 100 perks entitles you to a $1.00 reward to spend in the pharmacy and every further 100 perks another $1.00. 

      Q. How do I know how many perks I have?

      A. To turn points into a reward, you will need to log into your account on , Login. Next, click on the Your rewards link

      Q. How many perks do I need before I can get a reward?

      A. Just by signing up you receive 200 perks which is worth $2.00.

      100 perks entitles you to a $1.00 reward and every further 100 perks another $1.00.

      Q. How can I claim my reward?

      A. Claiming your reward is simple. Because the program is electronic there is no need to wait for a voucher or even a statement of account.

      To turn perks into a reward, you will need to log into your account at . 

      Next, click on All rewards.

      If you don't have enough points to redeem, you'll see a progress bar on the right, next to the reward name. 

      If they do have enough points, there will be a Redeem button. 

      Upon clicking redeem, you will be taken to a page that shows the coupon code with a button to Apply code which will automatically apply that coupon code to the checkout.

      To redeem points on variable rewards, you will need to use the perks slider to select the amount of perks they would like to spend, then click Redeem:


      You will also may get an email with the coupon code for your records. The code will also be stored in your rewards panel under the Your Rewards section at the bottom.

       📋 Note:

      Once you have redeemed your perks for a reward, the reward will remain in your account until you decide to use it on a purchase. Perks are not automatically returned to a customers account if a reward is redeemed and not used. In the event that you change your mind, contact us at and we will disable your coupon and restore your perks balance. 

      Q. Will I be able to get Bonus Points like on other programs?

      A. As a Pharmacy Perks member, you'll receive exclusive Bonus Perk offers regularly to help you reach your Reward levels faster. Keep a look out for Bonus Perks offers available in health, beauty, relaxation, skincare and more.

      Q. Can I take my Reward as cash?

      A. Your Pharmacy Perks have the buying power of cash as they can be used to get dollars off your purchases at Phillips Pharmacy Online, but they cannot be redeemed for cash.


       Start Saving Today!