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We live in a toxic world.

Environmental pollution and disease-causing germs assault us continually day after day. Our food is nutrient deficient and our water supply dangerously contaminated. People today are exposed to chemicals in far greater concentrations than were previous generations.

Diseases that were rare or unheard of a century ago are now raging upon us like a plague. Millions are dying from diseases that were virtually unknown in the past. Experts tell us that by the time we reach middle age, each one of us will have already been affected by either cancer, cardiovascular disease, or some other serious degenerative condition.

Conventional medicine has no sure cure. Drugs, surgery, and radiation treatments can be as dangerous and debilitating as the diseases they attempt to cure.

This book outlines the steps you need to take to thoroughly detoxify and cleanse your body from these disease-causing agents. You will also learn how to reduce your toxic exposure and how to strengthen your immune system.

What is Detoxification?

Detoxification is a process to get your body rid of various toxins. It aids in strengthening the immune system, rejuvenate skin and boost mental health, amongst many other health benefits.

Detoxifying brings balance back to your life and helps your system function correctly.

Detoxifying will not only rejuvenate your physical health but also helps in maintaining your mental health. Detox makes you jump-start your body for a more active and healthier life.


Introduction.. 7

When to detox your body?.. 7

Benefits of detoxing: 8

Toxins: why all the fuss?. 10

Key facts. 10

What are natural toxins?.. 10

Aquatic biotoxins. 11

Cyanogenic glycosides. 11

Furocoumarins. 11

Lectins. 11

Mycotoxins. 12

Solanines and chaconine. 12

Poisonous mushrooms. 12

Pyrrolizidine alkaloids. 12

How can I minimize the health risk from natural toxins?.. 13

WHO response. 13

Get your body detoxed with the right diet - consuming right and living right 16

Detox diets are generally short-term dietary interventions. 16

The Most Common Ways to Detox. 16

Which Toxins Are Eliminated?.. 17

How Effective Are These Diets?.. 17

Effects on Weight Loss. 18

Detox Diets, Short-Term Fasting, and Stress. 18

Potential Benefits. 18

Safety and Side Effects. 19

Severe Calorie Restriction.. 19

Overdosing.. 19

At-Risk Populations. 19

The Bottom Line. 20

Detox Water Health Benefits and Myths. 23

What is detox water?.. 23

How to make detox water. 24

Health claims about detox water. 24

Real health benefits. 25

Helps with weight loss. 25

Improves digestive health.. 26

Improves mood and energy levels. 26

Boosts immune function.. 26

Myths about detox water. 26

Myth 1: It detoxifies your body. 27

Myth 2: It balances your pH.. 27

Myth 3: It improves your complexion.. 27


Detox Home Sets. 30

Understanding the Essentials of a Detox Diet Plan.. 32

Types of detox diets. 33

  1. Master Cleanse. 33
  2. Juice Diet 33

Why should I do a detox diet?.. 33

Detox Diet Benefits. 34

  1. Promoting healthy skin and hair. 34
  2. Supporting the digestive system and weight loss. 34
  3. Boost in the immune system... 34
  4. Improved mental state. 35
  5. Antioxidant content 35
  6. Promotes mindful eating.. 35

How to begin a detox diet?.. 35

For a juice diet: 36

Detox Diet Plan.. 37

Detox Diet Recipes. 38

  1. Cucumber and Ginger Detox Smoothie. 38

Yellow Turmeric Ginger Smoothie. 39

Detox Diet Side Effects. 39

  1. Natural detox mechanisms. 40
  2. Weight loss results. 40
  3. Toxin removal 40

A Word of Caution.. 40

Summary. 41

Is a Detox Diet Safe?. 43

How does the body detox?.. 43

What are detox diets?.. 43

Are detox diets helpful?.. 44

Studies on detox diets. 45

Detox diet concerns. 46

The bottom line. 47

Body Detox Methods That Are Gentler 49

Here's what you need to do to get started: 49

Fasting on juice. 49

Fasting on water. 49

Body detoxification that is gentler: 50

Diet change. 50

Taking a sauna. 50

The act of brushing the skin. 50

Practicing yoga. 50

Herbal Detoxification.. 51

Detoxification Procedures. 54

Procedures for detoxification.. 54

  1. Diet should be proper. 54
  2. Herbal remedies are used.. 54
  3. Exercising regularly. 55
  4. Taking regular baths. 55
  5. A massage therapy session.. 55
  6. Taking time to recharge, relax, and rest. 55

Is there a full body, mind, and spirit detox plan?. 57


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