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A must have addition to your Home Healthcare library

PHILLIPS PHARMACY —has researched and compiled this comprehensive home reference to provide all the information a person needs to live an active, healthy life with diabetes.

This extensive resource contains information on the best self-care techniques and the latest medical advances.

For people with diabetes, this extraordinary guide will answer any question.

Topics include the latest on self-care for type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes; new types of insulin and medications; strategies for avoiding diabetes complications; sections on meal planning and nutrition; and tips on working with the health care system and insurance providers.

Table of Contents

Introduction: 11

Types of Diabetes. 11

Type 1 Diabetes. 11

Type 2 Diabetes. 12

Gestational Diabetes. 12

Prediabetes. 12

Diabetes Risk Factors. 13

Type 1 Diabetes. 13

Type 2 Diabetes. 14

Prediabetes. 14

Gestational Diabetes. 15

Diabetes Symptoms. 15

Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes. 16

Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes. 16

Symptoms of Gestational Diabetes. 16

Prediabetes – Your Chance to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes. 16

What Is Prediabetes?.. 16

What Causes Prediabetes?.. 17

Signs & Symptoms. 17

Simple Blood Sugar Test 17

Preventing Type 2 Diabetes. 17

What Is Type 1 Diabetes?. 18

For Parents. 18

What Causes Type 1 Diabetes?. 19

Symptoms and Risk Factors. 19

Testing for Type 1 Diabetes. 19

Managing Diabetes. 20

Hypoglycemia and Diabetic Ketoacidosis. 21

Get Diabetes Education.. 21

Just Diagnosed With Type 1 Diabetes. 22

Anyone Can Get Type 1 Diabetes. 22

Living With Type 1 Diabetes. 22

Get diabetes education. 22

Managing Blood Sugar. 23

Doctor Visits. 24

Get Support 24

Can Type 1 Diabetes Be Cured?.. 25

Types of Insulin. 25

4 Ways To Take Insulin.. 27

Terms To Know.. 27

Bolus Insulin.. 27

Basal Insulin (background insulin) 27

Basal-Bolus Regimen.. 27

Syringe or Pen.. 27

Syringe. 27

Insulin pen.. 28

Insulin Pump.. 28

Insulin Inhaler. 29

Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia) 30

Causes of Low Blood Sugar. 30

Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar. 31

Hypoglycemia Unawareness. 31

Types of Low Blood Sugar. 31

Manage Blood Sugar 33

How can I check my blood sugar?.. 33

When should I check my blood sugar?.. 33

What are blood sugar targets?.. 33

What causes low blood sugar?.. 34

How can I treat low blood sugar?.. 34

Hypoglycemia Unawareness. 34

What causes blood sugar to be high?.. 35

What are ketones?.. 35

What is diabetic ketoacidosis?.. 35

How can I treat high blood sugar?.. 36

How do carbs affect blood sugar?.. 37

What is the A1C test?.. 37

What else can I do to help manage my blood sugar levels?.. 37

All About Your A1C.. 38

What Does the A1C Test Measure?.. 39

Who Should Get an A1C Test, and When?.. 39

Testing for diabetes or prediabetes: 39

Managing diabetes: 39

How to Prepare for Your A1C Test 39

What Can Affect Your A1C Result?. 40

Your A1C Goal 40

A1C: Just Part of the Toolkit 41

Prevent Diabetes Complications. 41

Diabetes and Your Heart 42

What Is Heart Disease?.. 42

How Diabetes Affects Your Heart 43

Testing for Heart Disease. 44

Take Care of Your Heart 44

Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease. 45

How Diabetes Causes Kidney Disease. 46

Tips To Keep Your Kidneys Healthy. 46

Prediabetes and Kidney Disease. 47

Diabetes and Nerve Damage. 48

Types of Nerve Damage. 49

Peripheral nerve damage. 49

Nerve Damage and Digestion.. 49

Autonomic Nerve Damage. 49

Proximal Nerve Damage. 50

Focal Nerve Damage. 50

Risk Factors for Nerve Damage. 50

Tips to Prevent or Delay Nerve Damage. 50

When to See Your Doctor. 51

Diabetes and Your Feet 52

Feeling No Pain.. 52

Preventing Nerve Damage. 53

Could You Have Nerve Damage?.. 53

Tips for Healthy Feet 54

When to See Your Doctor. 55

Diabetes and Oral Health.. 56

More Than a Sweet Tooth.. 56

Keep Your Mouth Healthy and Happy. 57

Don’t Miss Your Visit 57

Diabetes and Hearing Loss. 58

The Diabetes and Hearing Loss Connection.. 58

Test Your Hearing Now.. 59

Signs of Hearing Loss. 59

How To Protect Your Ears. 59

Diabetic Eye Disease. 60

What is diabetic eye disease?.. 60

How does diabetes affect my eyes?.. 61

Diabetic retinopathy. 61

Diabetic macular edema. 62

Glaucoma. 63

Cataracts. 63

How common is diabetic eye disease?.. 64

Diabetic retinopathy. 64

Glaucoma and cataracts. 64

Who is more likely to develop diabetic eye disease?.. 64

What are the symptoms of diabetic eye disease?.. 65

When should I see a doctor right away?.. 65

How do doctors diagnose eye problems from diabetes?.. 65

Eye exam guidelines for diabetes. 66

How do doctors treat diabetic eye disease?.. 66

Medicine. 67

Laser Treatment 67

Vitrectomy. 67

Cataract Lens Surgery. 68

What can I do to protect my eyes?.. 68

What if I already have some vision loss from diabetes?.. 68

Diabetes, Sexual, & Bladder Problems. 68

Can sexual and bladder problems be symptoms of diabetes?.. 69

When should I see a doctor about my sexual or bladder problems?.. 69

What makes me more likely to develop sexual or bladder problems?.. 70

What sexual problems can men with diabetes have?.. 70

Erectile dysfunction.. 70

Retrograde ejaculation.. 71

Penile curvature. 71

Low testosterone. 71

Fertility problems. 72

What sexual problems can women with diabetes have?.. 72

Low sexual desire and response. 72

Painful sex. 73

Yeast and bladder infections. 73

Pregnancy concerns and fertility problems. 73

What bladder problems can men and women with diabetes have?.. 74

Frequent and urgent urination.. 74

Trouble “going”. 74

Leaking urine. 75

Bladder infections. 75

How can I prevent and treat my sexual or bladder problems?.. 76

. 78

Diabetes Diet, Eating, & Physical Activity. 79

What foods can I eat if I have diabetes?.. 79

What foods and drinks should I limit if I have diabetes?.. 81

When should I eat if I have diabetes?.. 82

How much can I eat if I have diabetes?.. 82

Weight-loss planning.. 82

Meal plan methods. 82

Plate method.. 82

Portion sizes. 83

Carbohydrate counting.. 84

What is medical nutrition therapy?.. 84

Will supplements and vitamins help my diabetes?.. 84

Why should I be physically active if I have diabetes?.. 85

How can I be physically active safely if I have diabetes?.. 85

Plan ahead.. 86

Prevent low blood glucose. 86

Stay safe when blood glucose is high.. 86

Take care of your feet 86

What physical activities should I do if I have diabetes?.. 87

Add extra activity to your daily routine. 87

Do aerobic exercise. 87

Do strength training to build muscle. 88

Do stretching exercises. 88

Pregnancy if You Have Diabetes. 89

How can diabetes affect my baby?.. 89

How can my diabetes affect me during pregnancy?.. 90

What health problems could I develop during pregnancy because of my diabetes?   90

How can I prepare for pregnancy if I have diabetes?.. 90

Work with your health care team... 90

Get a checkup.. 91

Don’t smoke. 92

See a registered dietitian nutritionist 92

Be physically active. 92

Avoid alcohol 93

Adjust your medicines. 93

Take vitamin and mineral supplements. 93

What do I need to know about blood glucose testing before and during pregnancy?   93

Target blood glucose levels during pregnancy. 94

A1C numbers. 94

Ketone levels. 94

What tests will check my baby’s health during pregnancy?.. 95


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