4 Habits To Consider Holding On To Even After The Pandemic

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One year into the coronavirus pandemic has led to a new normal in many countries around the world. 

Many people have expressed that the trauma of living through these tough times has made them doubly careful and more aware of their surroundings. 

People are watching the news more frequently, digital platforms for information are seeing a record increase in subscriptions all because of the need to have the information to keep safe. 

Some other habits seem to have also been subtly ingrained into the lives and routines of people today.  

What are these habits? Are they here to stay? Let’s find out! 

1. Washing hands: 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, when there was relatively little knowledge of what this virus was, the one advice that was laid down to be practiced with religious regularity was washing one’s hands.  

Although there are many that have eased up on the habit since, the ones that continue seem to be of the opinion that it is a habit that is here to stay. The importance of washing your hands, however, cannot be emphasized enough. 

Studies show that washing hands have been instrumental in bringing down the spread of infectious diseases in general and may even help push down the yearly deaths due to any flu. 

So far, it seems like this habit is here to stay.


2. Working remotely: 

Many places of work which are digitally enabled have had to adapt to models of work that helped them come out of the pandemic unscathed.  

This seems to have convinced many such offices to make working remotely a part of their corporate culture. 

Employees have come out in support of a hybrid model of work that encourages people to maintain a healthy balance of time at home and time at work.


3. Masking / covering your face: 

The shock and trauma of the pandemic have made people visibly wary and anxious about how physically exposed they are at any given time.  

While the declining number of cases of COVID have reduced the anxiety and meticulous preparation that comes with going out, the habit of covering one’s face has surprisingly seemed to grow on a lot of people!  

A mask not only affords protection against the virus but just like protecting any other part of your skin, it acts as a barrier to any other infectious disease, pollution, UV exposure, and even pollen or common atmospheric irritants.


4. Avoiding crowds: 

 Nearly ~40% of people in a study in the UK have said that they are more likely to avoid crowds in the future.  

Still, other research has shown that coping with new pandemic-related anxieties by having rules in place has only conditioned people’s minds to follow them.  

One of these habits that seem to have become a knee-jerk reaction for some is the aversion to going out and the need to avoid crowded places.  

And the final habit, one that is hopefully something we will see more of each day, is to hold on to positivity and hope!

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