Effective and Ineffective Ways to Look Younger

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Unless you are literally still a child, everyone wants to look younger. As we get older we unfortunately are dealt the double blow of both visibly ageing and losing our looks, as well as gradually running out of time to complete the things we want to do and live the life we always dreamed of living.  

This can all be quite painful, and unfortunately there is no way to actually ‘stop’ the hands of time from ticking. However, what you can do is to ensure that you don’t age so obviously, and minimize the visible physical effects of ageing. Of course, as in the story of Faust, none of these is perfect and each has its own drawbacks. Here we will look at a few of the different methods and what you can expect… 

How to Look Younger – Pros and Cons

Skin Creams: Skin creams are worshipped by many hopefuls as a potential elixir of youth that can help them to prevent wrinkles, sun spots and other unfortunate skin damage that comes with age. It’s none-invasive and it’s not a method anyone is likely to feel bad or self-conscious about. The downsides however are that a) it’s quite expensive over a period of time, and b) it’s not going to make a huge amount of difference. Many skin creams and anti-ageing creams are sadly complete scams, but even the very best ones have only been found to be around 10% effective. 

Botox: Botox involves an injection that can paralyze the muscles in the face thereby resulting in a fixed expression. This then prevents the skin from rolling and wrinkling when you smile or pull any other more contorted expression which of course prevents lines. Because it’s temporary you won’t be stuck with anything that you don’t turn out to like either. But the downside is unfortunately that it can sometimes look a little odd if it isn’t done well due to the loss of ability to smile as broadly. 

Makeup: There’s a lot you can do with makeup. Of course, you can fill in deep lines with foundation, but make sure that it is a sheer foundation and not poudery – or it can end up building up in the cracks and making you look older. Even just adding a little tan to the skin can help, or drawing the eye to other features with lipstick or eye shadow. As you age, your cheekbones can actually look more defined and this is also good to draw attention to. Just note that you may risk looking like you’re trying too hard to look young if you aren’t subtle with it.

Supplements and Diet: There are various supplements that claim to prevent and fight ageing. Of course, if you’re trying to look younger then you want the latter specifically – antioxidants might help prevent you getting extra wrinkles but they won’t get rid of the ones you have. What might have more of a positive effect is to eat your protein, to get lots of vitamins and minerals, and to try resveratrol. Though don’t expect a miracle transformation unless your diet is currently in tatters and responsible for your skin problems. Likewise, be very wary of products that seem to offer a miracle. Remember the old adage: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t!

Plastic Surgery: Plastic surgery is the most invasive choice for turning back the clock, but it is also the strategy most likely to have permanent and very definite results. If you want to be sure that you will look different tomorrow, then there are various different surgical techniques available from laser treatments to lifts. These vary in results as well as in invasiveness and discomfort. Consider carefully if you want to go ahead and the various options available to you, and make sure to see a consultant as well before making any final decisions.




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