Types of Drug Addiction

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An addiction starts harmlessly and before the addict knows it sneaks up and becomes an uncontrollable urge where your body needs more of that drug to function. 

Addicts are not aware of the damage that it can do to the mind, body, and relationships with others until they are enveloped into their addiction, and it is out of control.  There are several types of addiction that can take control and each one has its own path of destruction.  As with any addiction it is highly probable that professional help will be needed to overcome the behavioral patterns and physical dependence.

Some of the diverse types of drug addiction can include alcoholism, nicotine (both smoking and chewing tobacco), cocaine, heroin, hallucinogenic drugs, ecstasy, methamphetamines, marijuana, and even prescription medications including pain, anti-anxiety and sleeping pills.

An alcoholic is an addict who can’t stop at one drink.  They are prone to powerful forces and urges they must fulfill.  The need they feel becomes greater with each drink they take.  This is a drug addiction that some researchers suspect that genes play a part in the development.  It appears that alcoholism ‘runs’ in families.

Treatment for alcoholism involves counseling, detoxification and sometimes medication to help the alcoholic rid their body of the toxins and alcohol as well as learn about the behavioral issues that push them to continue to drink every day.

Smoking is another type of drug addiction that is quite common in the world today.  The addiction to smoking is an addiction to the nicotine found in tobacco.  Smoke contains over 40 different chemicals that are carcinogenic and are very damaging to the lungs.  A smoker has an increased risk of severe respiratory difficulties, lung cancer, cardiovascular problems, and peripheral vascular illness.

There are programs that are built around helping a smoker to quit.  Counselors help smokers learn new social behaviors and coping mechanisms when they have the urge to pick up a cigarette or use chewing tobacco.  There are medications available to help the smoker stop using nicotine with more comfort and less side effects of withdrawal.

Interestingly it isn’t usually the drug withdrawal that causes the smoker, drinker, or other drug addict to relapse but rather the psychological addiction to the drug that has such a compelling pull in the life of the addict.

The most frequently used illegal drug is marijuana.  This high can last as long as 3 hours.  Abusers find that they have difficulty with memory recall when it is used long-term.   Cocaine, also known as crack, is a highly addictive drug.  It is a stimulant and works very directly on the brain.  It can be used in numerous ways, and all are dangerous.  Cocaine addiction is a type of drug addiction that can harm the body in a dramatic way. 

Heroin, another type of drug addiction, is very easily overdosed on as the user is often unsure of its strength.  A heroin user can suffer immediate, as well as long term effects in using this drug.  Hallucinogens play a part in how the nerve cells interact.  Reality is distorted in a person’s mind when using this type of drug. 

Methamphetamines have a significant impact on the nerve cells.  It is a highly addictive stimulant and as with any drug can have a lasting impact on the body in terms of damage. 

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